How would you visualize a women’s design organization?

The first thing that comes to mind is the word dynamic! It would be unjustifiable to stick with only one attribute of being a woman, making this a tough one. However seeing the current website does trigger ideas. Stencil type has an undertone of the quality strength because of the relation to stamping with force. Stencil type also fragments and creates individual sections which could animate into softer forms, independent of eachother. For example, the last stem of ‘m’ could be a curved petal. You get the idea :)


Can you tell us about your background?

I look up to my mother and younger sister Kavya. They’re both incredibly talented and strong. Kavya and I went to a school called Mirambika, a free progress school that didn’t limit our education to textbooks and fostered creativity with the ‘learning by doing’ approach to education. Writing one line or two isn’t enough to explain the experience of studying there. The hidden gem of a school in New Delhi was unfortunately only till the 8th grade so we had to switch schools of course. But I consider the years spent there to be the foundation of what I do and am now. I also love singing and hope someday I’ll be able to merge these two passions of design and music.

Poster_whole set

What themes do you explore in your work?

I want to be as much of a student as I can and explore all possible nooks and crannies of visual communication and hopefully never settle on only one! Which is why I don’t think I have a steady theme or style running through my projects. It keeps changing over time. Currently I’m interested in creating meaning through finding relations between seemingly unrelated things. The most recent scientific diagrams project is an example of that.


Do you think role models are important?

I’m finding this difficult to answer since I don’t think I have one in particular. I do find the work of greats such as Paula Scher and Sagmeister inspiring. But I think it’s more important and beneficial to your growth to find role models and people to look up to in your immediate surroundings (such as professors, family, batchmates and seniors). I know I have.


How did you come up with the idea for the TankBund album artwork?

So we’ve always been encouraged to follow a strict design process with the post-its and brain storms and research and initial concepts – the works. But sometimes its important to break away from the staccato process and maybe just flow. For tankbund, I was told that the image of a woman was important to them as it was something people already recognized and related to them. With that given, I just plugged in the earphones with their music running through the wires and started drawing without thinking. What happened as a result was the same image of the woman, only that this time it took a little longer to be perceived and was woven into a pattern. This probably sounds like a really bad answer, but it just happened on its own.

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You can see more work by Khyati here:

*We define woman as anyone who is female-identified